Best Roofing Designs

A beautiful home is a source of pride and comfort; a place where you take refuge after a long day at work. Having a beautifully designed roof is every homeowner’s dream and with the right materials and architectural knowledge, this is achievable.

Below are the top-rated roofing designs that will give your house a beautiful finish created by the best roof contractors in the business:

  • Gable roof: This is one of the simplest roofing designs where the roofs are made in an inverted V shape. The roof consists of two sections that slope in different directions and meet at the top to form a roof ridge. The slanting of a gable roof allows the incorporation of various designs including Contemporary, Colonial, Rustic and Tudor.



Simple to install and design

It can accommodate all roofing material

The house has better ventilation as a result of the attic space

They are weather resistant

This design provides better drainage as water and snow will easily slide from the rooftop. This will eliminate the risk of leakage as a result of water accumulation on the roof.


The roof can easily collapse as a result of strong winds if not constructed well.

  • Hip roof: This constitutes of four slopes which meet at one joint and is mostly used in the construction of bungalows as well as cottages. This design will require an installation of gutter on all the four sides of the roof to facilitate proper drainage.



It provides better drainage of rainwater and snow as the roof is slanted on four sides.

It can withstand heavy winds unlike gable roofs which get easily blown off by strong winds

It can easily be incorporated into a house that is already complete

It is suitable for all climatic conditions


It is more difficult to install

It requires more roofing materials

The roof may easily leak due to the presence of many seams on the roof.

  • Mansard roofs: These roofs are difficult to install and are mostly used in story buildings, restaurants, French Manor, or Neo-eclectic house. The roof does not have gables and is slanted on four sides, two on either side of the house.

Photo of a Mansard roof


This roof provides an extra space at the top which could be used as a store or even a guest room.

If you will need to build a new floor on top of the existing roof, you can use the initial slope of the mansard roof as one side of the wall for the new floor.

It will save up on the cost of constructing a new floor if the mansard roof is used as a wall in the construction of a new floor.


It is expensive to maintain as there is a lot of dirt accumulation at the flat part of the roof.

It is expensive to construct a mansard roof and will also consume a lot of time to construct it

It can be destroyed by strong wind and storms as well.

Flat roof: these are mostly used in the construction of industrial buildings but a few people use them in their residential houses. The roof does not have a pitch, and if there is, it is too little usually two degrees.



They are simple to construct

Heating or cooling systems can easily be placed on the roof which makes them ideal for commercial roofing


The roof is easily damaged by water as the drainage is very poor.

It is expensive to maintain due to the constant repair required

The choice of a roofing design is personal and you can choose the one that appeals the most to you and fits your budget. Considering the location of the house will be a key consideration as the choice made will either make the house homely or inhabitable in certain climatic conditions.